NTV7 becomes MOE’s DidikTV channel from 17 February

The Ministry of Education has announced that its new dedicated TV channel, DidikTV KPM, will start its broadcast on Wednesday, 17th February 2021. The educational channel will run for 17 hours daily from 7am until midnight on the current NTV7 channel. Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin will launch DidikTV KPM at 8.00am on the first day of broadcast.

The channel will be accessible through platforms where you can watch NTV7 as listed below:

According to the Ministry of Education, DidikTV KPM will broadcast specially designed content based on the SPM curriculum and co-curriculum. It will also provide news on the education world as well as edutainment programmes and content produced by students. The channel will also broadcast relevant international programmes.

The Ministry added that DidikTV is intended to be a platform for empowering the culture of knowledge, nurturing good values and creating an informed society. Apart from DidikTV, the Education Ministry is also providing 11 hours of education TV programme on TV Okey RTM and Tutor TV Astro.


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