Chrome is allowing iOS users to lock incognito tabs with Touch or Face ID

More people are aware about the importance of online privacy and now big tech companies are starting to incorporate more privacy features into their products. Case in point, Google. Phone Arena reported the search giant is working on a new feature for Chrome on iOS that would allow users to lock Incognito tabs with Face or Touch ID.

The update is set to be available for both the iPhone and iPad. It currently is part of the Chrome app’s beta version. The feature blurs the Incognito tabs in the tab switcher and will remain hidden until the user authenticates with either a fingerprint or facial unlock. Google says the new feature helps “add more security” for users that love to multitask across different apps.

The feature should be a helpful upgrade for a user who keeps dozens of tabs opened at the same time. Enabling the new privacy feature may give you some peace of mind should you ever find yourself lending your phone to another person to use Chrome.

It should be noted that Google has paused updates to its iOS apps after Apple’s push for privacy labels on the App Store. Even though the new privacy feature is listed in the release notes,  9to5Google notes it is not available yet to beta users. 

It is still not clear when Google will eventually push out the update. But we know that the latest version of Chrome is due to be released in March 2021, so it might be around then. Once the update is available, you can turn it on by going to Settings then to Privacy and then select “Lock Incognito tabs when you close Chrome”.

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